Swedish Webbkarta
All singles from the label 1964-71
As a complement to artist bookings and music publishing, Åke Gerhard started the label
Olga Records. The name came from Åke's old mother. Two singels were released on the
label before The Hep Stars debuted with Kana Kapila in 1964. This third single got the
sequential catalog number Olga SO 03. The label was discontinued in 1971.
SO 53 BRIAN & THE HI-FIVE Do-Dum-Dum Poinciana
SO 54 LINKIN’ LOUISIANA PEPS Jailer Bring Me Water Shake Your Money Maker
SO 55 CARLI TORNEHAVE Monja Vad Händer Nu?
SO 56 LENA GLÄDT I Mammas Mormors Dar En Puss I Påsk
SO 57 OLA LUNDSTRÖM Anna-Karin Mitt Hjärta Glömmer Ingenting
SO 58 LENA JUNOFF Padre Syrtaki
SO 59 SAMMY SOUL SET Moontalk Banana Disease
SO 60 BRIAN Give And Take Look At Me
SO 61 THE EDDYSONS Ups And Downs Sweet Memories
SO 62 GAGGAS Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Get Inside
SO 63 BRIAN Poinciana If I Had My Way
SO 64 THE HEP STARS Let It Be Me Groovy Summertime
SO 65 ELEANOR BODEL Sunday Will Never Be The Same To Love Somebody Is To Hurt
SO 66 CARLI TORNEHAVE Timmer-Annas Äldste Son Nathalie
SO 67 CLAES DIEDEN In The Jungle Laughin’ Calypso
SO 68 ROWING GAMBLERS Mister Music Man Be Free
SO 69 ELEANOR BODEL Love Me, Please Love Me The Girls Want The Boys
SO 70 CLAES DIEDEN If You Love Me Single
SO 71 LENA JUNOFF Ciao Baby Good Kind Of Hurt
SO 72 THE HEP STARS Tända På Varann I Sagans Land
SO 73 THORY BERNHARDS När Det Snöar Över Amsterdam Tro Mig
SO 75 LILL-ARNE SÖDERBERG Drömmer Du Om Mig Nån Gång Clownernas
SO 76 CLAES DIEDEN Da Doo Ron Ron Be There To Be With
SO 77 CARLI TORNEHAVE Tänk När Det Blir Sommar Du Kommer Mig Så Nära
SO 78 ELEANOR BODEL One Way Ticket Together
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