Swedish Webbkarta
All singles from the label 1964-71
As a complement to artist bookings and music publishing, Åke Gerhard started the label
Olga Records. The name came from Åke's old mother. Two singels were released on the
label before The Hep Stars debuted with Kana Kapila in 1964. This third single got the
sequential catalog number Olga SO 03. The label was discontinued in 1971.
SO 27 THE AVALONS Your Time Is My Time When I Was Young
SO 28 GAGGAS Feelin’ Low Keep On Running
SO 29 THE HEP STARS I Natt Jag Drömde Jag Vet
SO 30 "14" Displeasing Message Little Down-Hearted Arthur
SO 31 BENNY BORG What Have I Done A Strange Feeling
SO 32 BENNY BORG Don’t You Think It’s Time You Don’t Know What You’ve Lost
SO 33 THE HEP STARS Consolation Don’t
SO 34 VAT 66 The Birds In The Sky The Square Of The Won Fights
SO 35 "14" One Way Ticket Take My Suzy
I Got My Mojo Working Fortyfour Blues
SO 37 PETER & BOBBY Ooh La La Amen
SO 38 THE HEP STARS It’s Nice To Be Back Malaika
SO 39 "14" Im Krankenhaus Meet Mr. Edgar
SO 40 VAT 66 Pretty Children Why Am I Sorry
SO 41 VAT 66 Lady Lady I’ll Better Be Alone
SO 42 "14" Wrong Side Easy To Fool
SO 43 LINKIN’ LOUISIANA PEPS Jailer Bring Me Water Old Time Religion
SO 44 LENA JUNOFF Summertime The Lady Is A Tramp
SO 45 LENA JUNOFF Padre Spanska ögon
SO 46 NILLA Oj, Så Mycket Festligt Vinter I Kiruna
SO 47 THE HEP STARS Christmas On My Mind Jingle Bells
SO 48 THE AVALONS That’s All I Know Little Boy Sad
SO 49 THE HEP STARS Mot Okänt Land Någonting Har Hänt
SO 50 THE HEP STARS She Will Love You Like You Used To Do
SO 51 "14" Easy To Fool Frosty Stars On A Window Pane
SO 52 SVEN HEDLUND A Fool Such As I As Long As I Have You
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