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  • Listen to two tracks from the album On Stage, Intro and Cadillac. The Hep Stars
    live performance 1965 in Trollhättan and Västerås. To listen - Click Play in the menu.
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  • The Rise And Fall of The Hep Stars.
  • Watch The Hep Stars on a 60´s TV.
  • The Hep Stars Swedish single and LP editions from 1964-69.
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  • All singles from the label Olga Records, 1964-1971.
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  • The Hep Stars achievements on the Swedish top 10 list. Listen to the signature-melody.
  • The Popstars of yesterday and some of today.
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  • Hepnickus number 1 1967. The Hep Stars Fanclub. Photos and Pictures.
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  • Swedish version. The Hep Stars Official Webbsida.
  • Svensk Pophistoria
  • Swedish Pophistory Proudly Presents Swedens Largest, Best and Most Popular Popgroups In The Sixties.
    The English pop group The Deejays, chose to make a career here in Sweden instead, of England.
    Perhaps, the first Swedish Pop - Rock group, is represented by none other than cuit-declared Sven
    They were formed as early as 1956 and made a big impact in the early sixties. Read about Jerry
    or his real name Erik Fernström. One of Swedens, by far, the most popular rock - soul and pop
    singers. Listen to a medley with all the 27 popgroups most famous songs.
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  • The Book Cadillac Madness, Den Otroliga Berättelsen Om The Hep Stars av Dan-Eric Landen och Carl
    Magnus Palm
    ©Premium Publishing.
  • Sound recordings with permission from Sven Åke Peterson, EMI Music Sweden.
  • Articles from various pop magazines in the sixties and several local magazines and their digital archives.
  • Thanks to Jacob Jovelou for all the help, support and realization of, seemingly, impossible ideas.
  • Thanks to Bjørn Henning Halvorsen for his valuable information about The Hep Stars.
  • Thanks to Henrik Hagberg, TAGES, and Björn Forsberg for nice photos from The Hep Stars
    performance in Köping 1967.
  • Thanks to Roland Johansson. Rolle has Sweden`s largest The Hep Stars collection. Everything is here!
    A true inspiration for the creation of this site.
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