Swedish Webbkarta

Title First date on chart Weeks Best position
 I Natt Jag Drömde   7 jan 1967 8 1
 Mot Okänt Land   15 oct 1967 11 1
 Sagan Om Lilla Sofi   19 may 1968 7 4
 Det Finns En Stad   14 jul 1968 9 7
 Tända På Varann   29 dec 1968 1 7
 Speleman     22 jun 1969 4 4
 Är Det Inte Kärlek, Säg     7 sep 1969 5 3
The predecessor to Svensktoppen (Swedish Top Chart) was De tio which was started by the pirate radiostation Radio Nord on 12th November 1961. After the closure of Radio Nord the program idea was taken over by The Swedish Radio, there Svensktoppen started 13th October 1962 as a feature on the radio program Svensklördag (Swedish Radio Channel 1). That time they were in Svärtinge Folkets Park (Public Park) in Östergötland and with help of mentometer buttons allowed the audience to vote. The first ever Swedish top set was Midnattstango with Lasse Lönndahl. After just over a month on 10th November 1962, Svensktoppen became an independent radio program and it´s still being broadcast on Sundays in any language provided that the text is written by a Swedish citizen, and that it is in the original (both music and text).
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