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Swedish the story 1965-69!
  As The Hepstars grew even more successful, it became the most commonly requested band in the people's amusement parks. When Lennart "Felle" Fernholm (the sixth member of the band and tour leader) introduced the band for a fanatic audience, in a park somewhere in Sweden at the year of 1965, the gig was characterized by, in the Swedish pop history, unparalleled hysteric idolatry. The Hepstars dominated Swedish music market and charts the following years.

The Hepstars musical development during the later part of the sixties would split the fans in two groups - the disconsolated and those with unbounded happyness. With their own record company, planned movie release and other business activities their financial problems grew bigger and bigger every day and The Hepstars disbanded during the end of the sixties. The final concert was held in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, late summer 1969 with an audience of thousands of fans. The successful story of The Hepstars hadended. Around the corner was the seventies, a decade with plenty of challenges and success for some of the band members.

1965 was probably the greatest year for The Hep Stars. Cadillac, the break through song for the band, became synonymous with the whole career of the group, from 1964 and ahead. The fine cover photo by Norwegian photographer Robert Meyers, for the first LP, shows a hungry band of the sixties, who was to write several pages in the Swedishmusic history. Perhaps thanks to a ...Cadillac.

  The Hep Stars   If you would like to know more about The Hep Stars and Benny Andersson, read the fantastic books:

Cadillac Madness Den otroliga berättelsen om The Hep Stars by Dan-Eric Landen and Carl Magnus Palm (Premium Publishing).

Benny"s Road To ABBA by Carl Magnus Palm (Premium Publishing).

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