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THE HEP STARS LOGO singles 1965-69!
Bald Headed Womam Red Bald Headed Woman Orange Should I diagonal text white field
Bald Headed Woman
Red cover 1965
Bald Headed Woman
Orange cover 1965
Should I
White field 1965
Should I straight text red field Sunny Girl inside cover Hawaii inside cover
Should I
Red field 1966
Sunny Girl
Inside cover 1966
Inside cover 1966
I Natt Jag Drömde Vit Sven Hedlund Sings Elvis Soloalbum A Fool Such As I
I Natt Jag Drömde
White field 1967
Sven Hedlund
Sings Elvis Soloalbum 1967
Sven Hedlund
A Fool Such As I 1967

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Stefan Jovelou
The Hep Stars